Corporate History

Set up in 1953 in Aquitaine with the name of  "Société Pyrénéenne de Mécanique", initially specializing in the oil and petrochemical sectors, the company has long been a reference subcontractor for the Lacq field.

In 1976, following the new directions of France’s energy policy, the company naturally extended its expertise and created nuclear power-oriented flow-metering activities.

In 1983, some thirty Pau employees decided to take control of their own future and took over the company in the form of a SCOP (Cooperative Company): a Cooperative and Participatory Company. The company was then renamed Société Pyrénéenne de Métallurgie.  The gamble was ambitious but the audacity and expertise of those employees who had became partners proved to be decisive. SPM has always invested in tangible and intangible assets and experienced a constant development.

More recently, SPM has heavily strengthened its engineering assets and overhauled its organization, thus being able to deliver complex "turnkey” projects in the flow-metering sector.

Today, its roots, its history and the human adventure of its employees / associates are all exceptional strengths that enable it to face the future with confidence.

The following  executives have served as SCOP senior management :
1983 - 1999 :                Mr. Jean Paulou: COB, Mr. Jean Robert Sangla: CEO
1999 - 2006 :                Mr. Jean Robert Sangla: COB. Mr. Jean Paulou: CEO
2006 - 2009 :                Mr. Jean Robert Sangla: COB and CEO
2009 until today :       Mr. Pascal Gentil: COB and CEO